Responsibility in doing business holds the highest place among our values by ​​which we live every day both outside and inside the company. Our clients are placed in the core of our activities and every day, we pass to them the passion and joy that lead us in our work. We actively accept suggestions from the environment and upgraded them in order for our services and products to meet out clients' expectations. Thus, we strengthen the trust of our employees and our policyholders in the secure insurance company. 

In the greatest possible extent, we want to provide a friendly working environment and conditions that allow employees to feel well in their workplace, and enable personal growth and professional development.

In January 2015 we obtained the full Family Friendly Company certificate, thus joining numerous companies that enable their employees a safe, healthy and motivating working environment.

We are a company of knowledge, which is demonstrated by our educational structure, rising over the years. Internal training system of AS-Academy provides employees with an individual and effective system of education and training. 

Sports and cultural club called Pravi Asi (Real Aces) promotes socialising of employees in their free time and stimulates good atmosphere in the company. The association has ten sections which organise weekly exercise, meetings, trips, hikes and visits to cultural events.  The association is also active in carrying out organised meetings for employees.

The company also enables its employees to affordably spend their holidays in company's holiday accommodation.

Ever since the establishment of the company, we respect in our operations the natural and social environment, which allows us to function and develop. We give back to the social environment by supporting numerous projects, initiatives and actions of local, regional and national importance in various fields.  In line with our strategic and development orientation, we give our priority to supporting projects in the areas of health, education, culture, sport and prevention in traffic.

Activities of the company do not directly burden the environment; however, on every step, we strive to act ecologically, save electricity, separate waste, collect used batteries, and we are also modernising our fleet with hybrid vehicles. We are proud to be ECO Aces!

Every day, we strive to satisfy the high expectations that clients have from their insurance company. This applies to both individuals and legal entities.

We integrate professionalism and years of experience in the development of our products and services. This ensures that in addition to the widest selection of insurance products, we offer our policyholders a modern insurance service centre, both in terms of designing insurance solutions as in terms of availability of insurance products, which are also available through modern technology (Internet, mobile phones).

We appreciate our clients' suggestions and opinions and consider them when creating our plans. For many years, we have annually examined our clients' satisfaction with our own surveys as well as with surveys by external reputable institutions. Survey results shows that our policyholders highly appreciate us