In the field of corporate sponsorships, we focused our strategy on long-term partnerships in the field of culture, arts, sport and humanitarianism. We are proud that with our assistance contributes to the development and success of a number of Slovenian athletes. The support for a wide variety of projects is exceptional; the company's annual support is reported in detail in the company's annual reports. Some long-term partnerships are summarised below.

Since 1993, we have been an official insurance company of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, so we are delighted by the success of the Slovenian Olympic athletes! We have been actively involved in the operations of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - Association of Sports Federations, which we have supported since 1993, and we also cooperate at the annual preparation of the International Olympic day, commemorated worldwide on 23 June.

In the health sector, for the past 12 years, we have been supporting the national action of the VIVA magazine called My doctor, in which readers choose a general practitioner, a family doctor and a gynaecologist whom they trust the most, and who contributes to the reputation of the medical profession. Our business is also based on trust, respect and responsibility, as these values are important to everyone.

Since 2006, the insurance company has been cooperating with UNICEF Slovenia in the project Safe Points - places where children can go if they find themselves in trouble on the streets. Safe Points are indicated by Blue Labels and they can mostly be found along school routes, since most of the bullying happens around schools and on the way to school. Children most frequently resort to Safe Points when they are victims of violence from their peers, or if they have problems in the family environment, need help with their homework, cannot get home, forgot their keys and want to contact their parents, or if they just need a friendly conversation. Over 600 volunteers, including the employees of Adriatic Slovenica, help children who are on the streets faced with bullying and threats to their safety. All 9 business units of our insurance company are Safe Points.