The AS Foundation, previously the KD Foundation, supports exceptional talents in the field of art, science and sport, who are the driving force of progress. Knowledge has been the foundation of success, a guideline and a regular feature of the foundation's operations ever since its establishment on 4 November 1995. The basic mission of the Foundation is to help exceptionally talented young individuals in education in various fields of science, art and culture. In the years since its establishment, with shorter periods of reduced activity due to the lack of funds, the Foundation granted financial assistance to many individuals, to most of these for the entire four to five-year period of higher education and university studies. The AS Foundation complements and realises its purpose also by providing financial and material assistance to socially or otherwise disadvantaged people and by supporting organisations, societies and associations whose work is focused on helping people who are disadvantaged and in need of help. Learn more about the support and operations of the AS Foundation at this link.