Family-Friendly Company certificate

On 15 May 2018, Adriatic Slovenica received the complete Family-Friendly Company certificate.  

Moje finance magazine award for THE BEST risk life insurance

Moj življenjski kasko, Adriatic Slovenica's risk life insurance received THE BEST risk life insurance award, i.e. for 1st place in all categories. More. 


Adriatic Slovenica's campaign entitled POPOLNI AS IZZIV (THE PERFECT AS CHALLENGE) for healthy lifestyle won the SPORTO SPONSORSHIP/ ENDORSEMENT AWARD 2017. More.

Good organisation energy certificate 2017

We have received the 2017 Organisation Energy certificate and achieved the best organisation energy index in the financial services category. More.
Moje finance magazine award for risk insurance

Moje finance magazine dedicates quite a lot of attention to independent and expert research. In May 2017, research was conducted among insurance companies offering risk life insurance premiums. On the basis of independent expert research, Adriatic Slovenia received the award for THE BEST risk life insurance, i.e. 1st place in the category of insuring a 30-year old for 30-year period in the amount of EUR 50,000. More.
Horus 2016 award for socially responsible operations

Under the "Projects" category of major companies, we received the Horus 2016 award for our educational opportunity "Za njimi stojimo" (We stand by them"). The award is given by the IRDO – Social Responsibility Development Institute, and PRSS – Slovenian Public Relations Association in partnership with many expert and interest organisations.  More.

We successfully focus our energy and behavioural potential in achieving the organisation's goals. We received the 2016 ORGANISATION ENERGY award from Planet GV, because we have the most organisation energy in the insurance sector. More.
SPORTO 2015 Award - Best Personal Sponsorship for a Single Athlete for WIZ
The WIZ insurance project #resničnofajn s Filipom Flisarjem  ("really great with Filip Flisar") is the winner of the SPORTO Conference 2015 in the subcategory "the best personal sponsorship for a single athlete". Learn more.
SPORTO 2015 - the Qualification of AS for the Finals of the Best Sports Sponsorship Programme 
Adriatic Slovenica qualified for the finals in the category "Best sports sponsorship programme" with their project "Mom, take me to meet the football stars". Learn more.
WEBSI Web Champion Award 2015 for WIZ
WEBSI Web Champions awards highlight, present and reward digital achievements in Slovenia. In the category of business websites designed for communication and business with companies, with end customers or sites intended for businesses as well as customers, the winner was the Wiz insurance, website, which operates within the framework of the Adriatic Slovenica insurance company. More.
Marketing Excellence 2015 Award for AS in the category of large B2C companies
The Marketing Excellence of the Year award is conferred on companies or institutions implementing the mission of the Slovenian Marketing Association  
and carrying out marketing activities as a business policy.   
The award is thus bestowed on an entire company which, with its marketing orientation, attitude and approaches is a paragon to the whole marketing and business community. Information on the award.
The ICTI 2015 award for the WIZ web site
Every year, online solutions in insurance field are awarded at the Regional Conference of Information and Communication Technology in the field of the Insurance Industry. In the category of agencies representing and selling insurance policies, the first prize went to the WIZ portal.  Information on the award.
Basic Family Friendly Company Certificate
The Adriatic Slovenica (AS) Insurance Company in January 2015 obtained the basic Family Friendly Company certificate, thus joining numerous companies that enable their employees a safe, healthy and motivating working environment. By obtaining this certificate, AS was also recognised for having a positive attitude to the needs of employees which arise from a family environment. More information.