An important principle of the company is the promotion of education and access to knowledge. Education and training are understood as our major competitive advantage and as our most profitable investment. Opportunities for education are broad and adapted to individuals and their responsibilities within the company. Education is upgraded each year with new content and approaches. We encourage the transfer of knowledge between employees and place increasing emphasis on training conducted by our employees.

Responsibility, winning mentality, proactiveness, trust and passion, and joy are our values, which guide us in our mutual relations within the company, but they also reflect on the outside, in relations with our clients, business partners and all other stakeholders in the environment. 

Surveys* show that the reputation of the company has been improving year after year. We are ranked second in terms of reputation among financial institutions. We also systematically implement measurements of the organisation climate. Employee satisfaction surveys show that more than 75 percent of employees are highly satisfied with their employment in AS (the results of the measurement of organisation climate SIOK 2013). 

* Company Reputation survey, Kline&Partners 2014

We provide a safe and healthy working environment and foster good relations and positive atmosphere with social events and annual meetings. We encourage socialising of our employees in their free time with activities of the sports and cultural club. We provide preventive medical examinations for our employees as well as collective accident insurance and voluntary supplementary pension insurance, which are partly financed by the company.