Values, Mission and Vision

In our work, we follow our five values. We are guided by them in our mutual relations, but they also reflected on the outside, in relations with our clients, business partners and all other stakeholders in the environment.


Through our actions, we give the message that we are reliable. All those who cooperate with us can count on us since we follow the principle of due diligence and consistently fulfil our promises. We realise the expectations held by our clients, employees and the environment.


Trust is built on high ethical standards, based on open interpersonal relations and ensuring uniform operation. With trust, we are creating an environment where with respect and mutual assistance, we eliminate obstacles and grow. Our conduct is based on respect of joint arrangements.


We are constantly thinking about our next steps as we have enough courage and maturity to create changes. We are proactive and oriented towards achieving results both in business operations and in meeting the needs of our clients, shareholders and employees. Our view is future-oriented.

Winning Mentality

Our work and results prove that we are winners. Our success is the result of joint work, cooperation and enthusiasm of the winning team consisting of over a thousand employees. We believe in our success, as we are guided by high moral values ​​and the respect for the integrity of each individual.

Passion and Joy

We love our business, therefore we radiate passion and joy. We face challenges with optimism and believe that we can change things for the better. Our passion and joy provide us with the impetus to realise our goals and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Adriatic Slovenica aims to become one of the leading insurance and finance groups with its main market in Slovenia and branch in Croatia. The Company will sell life, non-life and health insurance, accompanied with high-quality asset management and investment products. At Adriatic Slovenica, the clients are placed at the core of its activities, while developing quality and competitive solutions for their needs - products, services and sales channels.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive insurance protection and identify risks for the greater security of our clients. We offer our clients the best insurance solutions at a fair price and all professional support in the selection of the appropriate coverage and upon the occurrence of damages.

We stand by our clients and strive to exceed their expectations, as we provide new dimensions of security with modern and transparent services.