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General Information  
Registered company name ADRIATIC SLOVENICA Zavarovalna družba d. d.
Short company name ADRIATIC SLOVENICA d. d.
Registered office Ljubljanska cesta 3a, 6503 Koper – Slovenia
Phone number +386 5 66 43 100
E-mail address 
Company registration number 5063361
VAT ID SI63658011
Share capital 42.999.529,80 EUR
Company registration date 20 November 1990
Shareholder structure 100 % Generali CEE Holding B. V.
Credit Rating BBB + / stable
* AZN licence no. 30200-1598/05-24. 
* Insurance Supervision Agency, Trg republike 3, Ljubljana, is responsible for the supervision of the insurance company.
* Member of the Slovenian Insurance Association.


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On 24 November 2011, AS established a subsidiary, a limited liability company called Prospera d.o.o., in order to improve the recovery process and more effectively manage operational risks. The company's main activity is the recovery of receivables, especially where judicial and insolvency proceedings are being conducted. The company is successful and stable, while its basic future orientation remains the purchase of receivables from the parent company.

The company has been marketing WIZ car insurance since 28 May 2012, when the insurance company AS offered the first completely online car insurance under the brand name WIZ. On the Web site, visitors with a dynamic lifestyle can conclude simple, affordable, high-quality insurance, and they can select additional coverage - WIZ Driver, WIZ Comprehensive Insurance, WIZ Assistant and WIZ Accident; and since 2014, supplementary health insurance has also been available online.

The AS insurance company, which holds a significant part of the portfolio of supplementary health insurance, wants to be fully prepared as a result of the predicted legislative changes in this field and at the same time wants to influence the development of the insurance market of contractual health and other personal insurance products in Slovenia. The establishment and launch of the company "Zdravje AS d.o.o." enables the establishment of distinctive advantages or the uniqueness of the offer, desired by the insurance company AS, because the insurance company will cooperate in partnership with its own healthcare provider.

The cornerstone of the vision and the business strategy of the company Zdravje AS d.o.o. is to offer policyholders premium health services at a time when they need them. With the establishment of their own clinics, their policyholders will be given priority treatment, according to pre-agreed processes and with shorter waiting times.

In August 2016, in accordance with the development strategy of the Group, AS became the sole shareholder of the so-far sister company Generali Investments, the oldest and one of the leading asset management companies in Slovenia. The AS Group has thus consolidated its activity and expanded its insurance business by offering savings products. The Generali Investments company manages the Generali Umbrella Fund with 16 sub-funds that invest the assets of funds in various securities (shares, bonds, deposits) in the global capital markets. It is one of the largest asset management companies in Slovenia, with three subsidiaries operating outside Slovenia, which together manage 17 investment mutual funds (13 in Croatia and 4 in Macedonia). The fund assets of Generali Investments are managed by a team of recognised experts who have received numerous awards, including international accolades, for their successful management, and who are regularly placed on the list of top Slovenian managers.


The company, Agent Zavarovalniško zastopanje d.o.o. Izola, was established in 1991 and has since been providing Adriatic Slovenica d.d. insurance representation services exclusively. Agent operates in locations in Koper, Izola and Lucija, and has a network of insurance agents and advisers for life insurance.