Business Strategy

Our strategy is based on more than twenty years of experience and trust. We are an insurance group with a central market in Slovenia. We also enable across-border insurance protection for our clients, both individuals and businesses. We offer a full range of insurance products and services for the overall security of persons and property. Innovative business processes, new business models, sales channels and insurance solutions that clients recognise and appreciate, are among our highest priorities. We want to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are creating new dimensions of security.

Every day, we are building long-term partnerships with clients who appreciate a quality offer and professional and efficient services. We resolve claims fast and effectively communicate innovations that enable even greater security and savings for our clients. We proactively monitor our clients' wishes and respond to the needs of modern times. We also follow the trends and include innovations in our services and offers, designed to insure companies or individuals.

Our important competitive advantage is comprehensive insurance protection in one place. We take care of the security of an individual person and their whole property under one safe roof. Personal security is ensured with the widest range of health and life insurance products that are adapted to everyone's needs. Our offer is being constantly supplemented with financial solutions that besides insurance enable profitable savings, while providing security for the future. We identify risks and offer companies insurance solutions for the widest range of business risks and natural disasters. At the same time, we ensure the highest quality protection for all key business areas and employees in cooperation with the company's management, thereby significantly increasing business and cost effectiveness of the company.

We are developing a flexible organisation, enabling us to quickly and effectively adapt to the changing market and legislative conditions. We offer highquality, state-of-the-art and affordable insurance products and services, operating at optimal costs, while at the same time ensuring technological freshness and the highest quality of services.
We are developing an organisation that is internally and externally connected by our five values. We are creating the working conditions that motivate all employees and promote teamwork and collaboration. Our clients feel our invigorating energy. We connect modern products and professional advice into a circle of security with the client as the focus of our work. We are also connected with the environment by supporting various social projects and individuals to enable the development of the environment where we live and work.